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Notes: Photo Gallery is included in Windows Essentials 2012.

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Windows Live Photo Gallery 2012 help and info

  • What is Windows Live Photo Gallery 2012?

    This program is an image organiser and photo management application. Users can organise photos by titling and adding ratings to their own images. Photos can also be edited to improve sharpness, add contrast or remove blemishes. A basic tagging system, with limited facial recognition features, is also included.

  • What file formats does Windows Live Photo Gallery 2012 support?

    A wide range of formats are supported by the program. There are JPEGs, BMP, PNG, TIFF, WDP and GIF. A small number of video formats are also supported by the software.

  • What is new about Windows Live Photo Gallery 2012?

    This is the fifth version of the photo gallery series released by Windows. The most prominent new feature with this version is the 'autocollage' option. This simply allows the user a chance to create an automatic collage of their uploaded images.

  • How often is Windows Live Photo Gallery 2012 updated?

    The last update for this program was released in 2014. Subsequently, Microsoft confirmed in 2017 that they will no longer be supporting the product or allowing it for download on their official site. This, of course, means that there will be no further updates to the Windows Photo Gallery, neither will there be any new versions.

  • Does this mean that Windows Live Photo Gallery 2012 will no longer work?

    No, the program will still be able to operate as usual.

  • Is Windows Live Photo Gallery 2012 free?

    Yes, the program is entirely free. There are no optional extras or upgrades to the software that can be purchased for a fee, either.

  • Which operating systems can run Windows Live Photo Gallery 2012?

    Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 are all compatible with this program. Versions that predate Windows 7 will not be able to run it. As it is a Microsoft product, Apple and mobile devices are similarly incapable.

  • Is Windows Live Photo Gallery 2012 safe?

    Yes, the software is virus and malware free meaning it is perfectly safe to download and install onto one's computer. However, because Microsoft no longer issue updates such as security tweaks, users should be careful when using the program.

  • Why doesn't Windows Live Photo Gallery 2012 start correctly?

    If Windows Media Player is not installed onto a user's computer, then Photo Gallery will not boot correctly. This applies to operating systems Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. If the user is suffering from an issue whereby photos do not display properly, this can be resolved by updating the graphics driver.

  • How do I install Windows Live Photo Gallery 2012?

    To install this program, the user must download the file and run it when the download has completed. Following that, the user then needs to follow the on-screen prompts. If downloading the full version of Microsoft Essentials, and not the stand-alone version of the photo gallery, then the user can select the number of programs that are to be installed, which include the Photo Gallery.